Camp Freeman is a Veteran Owned Ohio Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

Camp Freeman is a Veteran Owned Ohio Non-Profit and US 501(c)(3) with the sole mission of helping our nations veterans find a community of support where they can be the men and women that they want to. . .and are meant to be.  Don't let another vet slip through the cracks of a shattered support system.  Join Camp Freeman in the battle for our heroes.

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Our Mission

A Strong Community Needs Strong Men & Women

Mission Statement

No Veteran Left Behind

Camp Freeman's sole purpose is the care and support of our nations veterans. We will stand with our fellow service men and women; past and present. Camp Freeman Services will include transitional housing, veterans village, on/off site recreation programs, RV campground, behavioral health support, health/nutrition programs, vocational rehabilitation, PTSD support groups, education opportunities, fitness center, and financial aid.

Veterans' Programs

Below are a few of the programs that will be available for our veterans


Help Our Heroes Find Their Way Home

Thousands of Veterans across the country are faced with challenges that nobody should have to face alone. Many of these stem from the wounds inflicted while serving our nation both visible and invisible. With your help Camp Freeman will be there for our forgotten Heroes.

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Strengthening our nation’s communities and families through programs designed to encourage healing, reduce challenges, and overcome obstacles together.

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