Behavioral Health

Started on November 30, 2020

Every veteran is unique and so is every crisis.  Sometimes it is necessary just to have somewhere to go when in need.  Camp freeman regional centers will offer walk-in service for veterans in crisis.  In some situations it is enough just to have a volunteer counselor to sit down and talk to, but in others it may require trained staff, behavioral health, or just a place to lay their head for a night.

The most exciting part about this program is the ability to offer on-site behavior health support from licensed and insured professionals.  This will make it possible for our veterans to find a more comfortable and safe environment so that they can be more honest and open with their care providers.  Our medical staff is in no way affiliated with the VA or any government organization.  This is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of supporting our veterans.  This allows patients to move past the fear of treatment more quickly to help start the healing process faster.