Camp Freeman is not a homeless shelter, it is not a behavior health center, it is not a campground, nor is it a retreat.  It is all of the above.  Camp Freeman is designed as a community of veterans within the community at large.  This is not a place to lock people away from the world.  It is a place to give them purpose in the world.  Our board of directors is tied in with numerous veterans’ organizations in the area and nationwide. We have dozens of local services, employers, and business that are ready to kick this project off, but it is not a small undertaking.  We need to reach out to the entire nation to make this happen.

Yes, the veterans in central Ohio are in desperate need of our services, but local communities are in need of our veterans.  Part of what makes this first location so perfect is the shear number of veterans residing in Licking, Knox, Perry, Fairfield, Muskingum, and Franklin Counties. Nearly 3 million veterans reside in Ohio and almost one third of those are right here in Central Ohio. We are currently estimating around 1500 homeless veterans in Ohio alone, with around 60,000 nationwide following the recent public health and economic situations.  The courage and commitment that they showed while on duty is exactly what our community is desperate for.  Please help us build the ultimate solutions for the crises we are facing with our returning servicemen and veterans at large.  With the lack of options for these amazing men and women, this project is now more necessary than ever.  Camp Freeman is the answer that our nation’s heroes have been seeking for decades now.