About Us

About Us

Camp Freeman is a Veteran Owned Ohio Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.  This means we are completely transparent, and 100% of our funding goes to our mission of supporting our nation’s heroes.  This the first facility of it’s type and will stand as a new benchmark for post-service care.

100% Veteran Owned

01. Board Members

The board is manned by US Military Veterans passionate about improving the care of our veterans at large.  Members of our board have overcome physical disabilities, psychological challenges, and even transitional difficulty.  We stand ready to help face the challenges of life after service head on.

02. Goals for 2020

Our goal is to attain the funding to secure all necessary property and assets to be fully functional on a limited scale before Christmas 2020..

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Feel free to call 740-877-3053 or email info@campfreeman.com